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the lunch break

A personal blog that I write during my lunch break. 

MsWalkersGranddaughter, Blogger

Jacquelyn Jordan is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is currently a student at Temple University. For 12 years, Jacquelyn worked as an activities leader, tutor, and community liaison for an O.S.T. program at a small non-profit organization in North Philadelphia. It was in this environment, that Jacquelyn activated the power of her own voice and began relentlessly pursuing a career in writing. She attended writing workshops and open-mics across the tristate area and enrolled in both fiction and poetry courses at Community College of Philadelphia. 

It is with this passion that Jacquelyn developed Kinetic Sole Media, a platform to highlight those individuals with the power to Dream. Do. Move. 

Jacquelyn also encourages youth as a workshop facilitator to embrace the importance of the written word through the exploratory lens of Hip-Hop music and culture 

Kinetic Sole Media

 Kinetic Sole is a media platform that brings engaging stories, political commentary, travel and shopping guides and opinion pieces to people around the world. We pride ourselves on highlighting the importance of having the power to dream, do and move.